Unity Quick Tip - Set Play Mode Tint to Prevent Accidental Loss of Changes

One thing in Unity that catches many people out is the fact that any changes made while in play mode will be discarded once the game is stopped. If you forget you are in play mode it could lead to a lot of lost changes!

In this Unity quick tip we'll show you how to change the colour of the UI when the game is in play mode. This will make it more obvious and much more difficult for you to accidentally lose changes.

1. Create or open a Unity project.

2. Open the preferences window by selecting Edit->Preferences... from the main menu.

Selecting the preferences menu

3. Select the Colors tab.

Selecting the colors tab

4. Click on the Playmode tint colour selection and choose a colour that will stand out, such as green.

Selecting a colour for the playmode tint

5. Click the play button to enter play mode, and you'll see the UI is now tinted in the colour you selected

UI Tint when in play mode

That covers everything for this tip. We hope that you found it useful. Please leave any questions or feedback in the comments below, and don't forget to subscribe to get notified when we publish our next post.



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