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We are a small group of indie game developers with a passion for teaching using the Unity Game Engine. By sharing our knowledge and experience it is our hope that we can help and inspire other budding game developers of the future.

You can find many tutorials on our website and our YouTube channel.

If you'd like to support our work and help us to keep doing what we love then you can do so via Patreon or Ko-fi



  1. I really like what u guys are doing !

  2. Hello,i love all your work. So clear and understandable. I m traing to find on all you tube tutorial how to player push object with simple animation of pushing. My character have Rigidbody controller(not Character controller) and i can push object but with forces of rigidbody,and i set trigger in animator,and in script on collisionenter and he did push but that its not seams wright. Can you please help,There is nowhere to find someone to explain!?


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